Getting Where You Need to Go With One Way Truck Rentals

Many typical car and truck rentals operate under the assumption that the vehicle will be returned to the same place from which it was borrowed. However, making the drive back is not always a practical option. In certain cases, such as moving across the country, one way truck rentals can save time and money.

Finding a Rental Company

Some car rental companies offer truck rentals as well, and many of the truck rental companies offer special rates for one way trips. The easiest way to find such a company is to use Google or a similar search engine. Searching for one way truck rentals will return search results that contain most, if not all, of the major truck rental companies. If there is a specific company you want to rent from, using a search engine makes it easy to find that company’s website as well.

Relevant Information

The costs of one way truck rentals are variable and can change drastically as a result of a number of different details. First and most important, the truck rental company is going to want to know what kind of truck will be needed. Information such as the size of the truck, the mileage that will be put on it, and the amount of time it will be rented out will serve as a basic starting point for the price. Once that has been determined, smaller details can increase the price. For example, there is an added fee for renting tools, and the date of the trip can affect the price as well.

Entering the Necessary Information Online

Using the company’s website makes it easy to figure out the basic rates each truck rental company is offering. Most of these websites have a calculator for figuring out approximately how much the one way truck rentals will cost. Simply enter the correct information, and wait for the computer to do its magic. The calculator can be used to compare rates between companies, and to determine the price difference across times, days, and truck sizes. Bear in mind, though, that the quote is approximate and may change with the circumstances.

When to Call the Truck Company

After getting a basic idea of how much a company will charge for a one way truck rental, it can be helpful to call them. Some of the available bonuses are not posted on the website and can only be received by calling up the company or going to the office in person. For example, many companies offer discounts for renting at a less popular time of the year. In addition, companies may be willing to offer a lower rate if the truck is going to be driven to a certain location or if the trip can be coordinated with someone else’s pick up.

If you’re moving a home or business and don’t want to splurge on an expensive moving company, consider researching one way truck rentals instead. Many companies have their rates and information available online, so prices can be compared easily. However, at times it can also be helpful to call company to ask if they offer any additional discounts.