Save Money with Cheap One Way Truck Rentals

Cheap one way truck rentals can result in huge savings for people who are moving a long distance. Rather than worrying about returning the truck to its original location, simply drop the truck off at a location near the destination. Though prices vary greatly depending on the details of the trip, there are some tricks and tips that can help ensure you get the best rate possible no matter the distance being traveled.

Going Over on Miles and Days

The rental company typically charges the renter for a specific amount of days, during which time the truck will be driven no more than an agreed upon number of miles. If the truck is used for a longer period of time, or for more miles, the customer will often be charged extra. For those who are able to run exactly on schedule, the company with the cheapest initial rates is often the best. However, there are other companies which are ideal for those who are unsure about their schedule. For example, Penske offers unlimited miles on their cheap one way truck rentals.

Getting the Cheapest Rate Possible

The easiest way to find cheap one way truck rentals is to go online and compare the prices as they are listed on each companyís website. However, the best deals arenít always available online. For the cheapest rates, call up the company and ask a representative what s/he can offer. Some companies offer a reduced rate for renting on a quieter day or time, and they may be willing to negotiate the price if a convenient pick up location is agreed upon. The company salesperson may be able to offer deals tailored to your unique rental.

Special Deals from Budget Truck Rental

Budget offers a large array of discounts and special deals for their one way truck rentals. There is a 15% off discount on any rental which is paid for with an American Express card. Police, fire and EMT providers receive 15% off on any day of the week. AARP members can save 20% on rentals during the week (Sunday through Thursday) and 10% off weekend rentals. There are similar deals for groups such as the US Military, Bar Association, students, and teachers. In addition, Budget has various special limited time deals throughout the year.

Special Deals from Penske Truck Rental

In addition to offering unlimited miles on one way truck rentals, Penske has a number of other discounts available. Customers receive 10% off any rental that is reserved online. AAA members receive 12% off regular rentals and 20% off online rentals. Military personnel and college students who show their ID receive an additional 10% off their rental as well. Businesses who sign up for Rental Express receive 20% off their first rental following enrollment.

At first glance, cheap one way truck rentals may seem like an oxymoron, considering the price of the rental. However, there are a number of ways to cut costs when renting a truck for one way to guarantee the cheapest price possible.